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As someone who grew up in the 80s, any movie or TV show that is being reinstroduced either in a form of a revamp or remake will always pique our interests.

But not all remakes or revamps are created equal. When they revamped Ghostbusters with an all-female cast. I get why they did it but the movie wasn't well received. In fact, when the coming Ghostbusters Afterlife was announced, they even said that it'll pick up what the 80's movie left off totally ignoring the recent movie.

Not to say that it was a bad movie, it's just that not all movies should warrant a gender swap and expect people to receive it well.

This is one of those series where I think they KINDA did it well and gave it some justice.

SPOILERS AHEAD if you have plans on watching the TV series on Netflix. Well, it's not totally spoiling the story just a few points here and there so if you still don't want to be spoiled, watch it first then come back. It has 2 parts with 5 episodes each. Part 1 was released last July 23, 2021 while Part 2 was released last November 23, 2021; 4 months later.

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Part 1 was, I think, intentionally written that way to let the audience want to watch Part 2. I think the execution was misunderstood by killing Prince Adam off on the onset of episode 1 then to bring him back to life and immediately killing him off again 4 episodes later.

I mean, the show was drawn well mimicking the 80s show trying to maintain most characters and tweaking it a little bit with making Prince Adam this scrawny little man versus the original drawing where he looked EXACTLY like He-Man only covered in clothes. 

I liked the nostalgia it brought bringing in old characters like Triclops, Trapjaw, Man-at-Arms, and a lot more giving me all the feels but after watching both Parts made me realize that the show wasn't really about He-Man OR Prince Adam but more of Teela and her becoming the new Sorceress.

When Netflix announced Part 2 of the series, I didn't like the fact that they brought Adam back from the dead right away. It would have been nice if they kept those pieces of information for the show itself. Bringing him back from the dead on the first episode made his death anti-climactic. I mean, since the focus of the show was not on him anyway, then maybe they would have left him dead for another episode or two and focus on Teela's struggle and coming to terms with the whole betrayal of her best friend and family keeping that secret from her.

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Another thing that I didn't appreciate is how when Teela was made to choose accepting her fate as the new Sorceress that it was that easy for her to say that she didn't need to sacrifice herself to be the Sorceress and that it was alright to be both. It's like they didn't give her enough time to think about it and even struggle with the thought. It was like she just acted like a brat and said, "NO! I want both!"

Okay. Enough of the complaints and let me talk about the things that I liked about their execution of the show.

First, how the people cannot mistake Prince Adam as He-Man because of his size. That makes it easy to explain why whenever He-Man is around, Prince Adam is nowhere to be found. Of course, he's scrawny and small. Why should he be around a war zone?

I think Netflix picked that idea up of a thin Prince Adam from the 2002 cartoon series. That was a good touch.

The cast was also amazing with Lean Headey (G.O.T. fame), Alicia Sylverstone (Legally Blonde series), Justin Long (Mac vs PC series), and even Kevin Conroy (duh! Who does not know Batman?). They even threw in Danny Trejo as Ram-Man towards the end. But what really made it for me was casting Mark "The Joker" Hamill as Skeletor. I like how he made Skeletor different even if the acting seemed like the Joker. The voice and the character matched perfectly.

I think with the short time given and with only a total of 10 20-minute episodes, they really cannot write the story line the way I had hoped. But then, you can't please everybody.

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Another nod that I think they did well was at the very end when the Mother Board finally attached herself to Skeletor and that last hologram of The Horde. To a few of you, you will not get what that red hologram resembled but for us, we all know that it was the Horde hinting the rise of Hordak. In which I seriously doubt that they will even consider telling. TOO PREDICTABLE to start a She-Ra story arc if you ask me. Not to mention that they have just released a She-Ra reboot which I think will totally confuse the fans if they decide to push through with it.

I feel that it was just a good nod at the end and that they don't need to explore that further. If they do, then good, but I feel that it's totally unnecessary.

What do you think? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Meh? Let me know in the comments below. 


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