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Let's start the second blog with a food review, shall we? Let's effin go!

Before we begin, let me just say that for the food reviews, I will try my best to post one every other week.

I was never one who appreciated real Thai food. The few times I went to an actual Thai restaurant for some reason, I would always order the same thing that I would not like -- the Tom Yum soup. They would describe it to me as a sour dish and I would immediately compare it to sinigang which is ALWAYS NEVER the case and I would hate it. 

But then there are other dishes like Pad Thai which I LOVE! Maybe it's because Pad Thai is a familiar taste' something that will not catch you by surprise not like how I would always be caught off guard with Tom Yum soup.

Spring Rolls

Which brings me to this discovery. Last September, as I was browsing through Facebook groups for some food (because I was bored.. I mean, HUNGRY!) I chanced upon this little business that offers Thai spring rolls in limited quantities. I admit that I was attracted by the picture but had no basis on what it tasted like or if it were good so I ordered. The minimum order for free delivery is two (2) orders so I got two orders.

The rolls came in one of those unassuming cardboard box containers (the ones that make you appear as someone who's trying to be environmentally conscious) and one box would come with three (3) rolls.

Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce

I don't know exactly what's in it. I was really never into these types of spring rolls (I hate cilantro and I knew coming into this that there would be cilantro in it) but for some reason this one was really good. I liked them so much.

The kicker to me was the peanut sauce it came with. It was so good that even if the spring rolls were fully consumed (I ate all 6 rolls in 10 minutes) I had to look for bread to dip them in because I was not letting the sauce go to waste.

After my pleasant experience, I had to tell them about it and even posted it in my Instagram to show them how much I appreciated their food. I also shared my experience with them in the Facebook group where I found them. I believe they were that good. 

For someone who is not a professional critic or even a cook, I think this is more important. You shouldn't base a good experience on how it was constructed but more of how it felt when you ate it. So for someone who has so much experience in eating (hehe), I hope this is a valid review of how good their Thai spring rolls are. 

Here is my post on Instagram. If you click on it, it will send it to the actual post. That can also bring you to their Instagram page if you would want to order from them or you can click here to send you straight to their Instagram page.

Oh and did I mention that the one assembling the spring rolls is a 16 year old teenager? So much potential in him. Way to go, Miguel.

Instagram screenshot

If you are either part of BF HomeSarap or Yummy Home Kitchen Directory in Facebook groups, you should see them post their spring rolls often. Deliveries are every Wednesday. I suggest get extra sauce (as of this post, it's ₱10).

Have you already tried them? Hit me up on the comments below whether you agree with me or not. If you feel there's a better one, let me know so that I can give them a try.



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